Buy a Fitbit for your Health

live a healthier lifestyle

The Fitbit really is life changing, so much so that America has chosen to conduct health research under the name of Fitbit. The US is apart of a broader, long-term research effort known as the precision Medicine Initiative, announced in 2015 by then-President Barack Obama. The intent is to gather anonymous way of life, biological, and ecological information based on the cloud management system, from a million Americans to learn about how individual differences affect health, and to use the findings to create greater individualized care. As part of this study, the NIH will hand out 10,000 Fitbit Charge two and Fitbit Alta HR apparatus to participants, which they will be asked to wear for a period of one year.

“The study will produce a data set that introduces a special opportunity to explore the connection between health indicators like physical activity, heart rate, and sleep together with other important health outcomes which will be recorded as part of All of Us,” Fitbit stated in a release.

live a healthier lifestyleWhy were Fitbits chosen over other devices? Significantly, the Charge 2 and Alta HR monitor a combination of physical activity, sleep, and heart rate parameters, all useful information for the investigators, which is based on a cloud management system. Ease of use and a good battery life were also recorded as factors behind their choice. Fitbits apparatus are also already popular with health researchers; in actuality, they are the most widely used tracker in this subject. According to the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, 89 percent of trackers used in printed biomedical research are made by Fitbit, as are 83 percent of apparatus used in clinical trials. In NIH-funded study the figure jumps to 95 percent.

Certainly those working in the health care area are convinced about the accuracy of Fitbit’s apparatus, a problem of clear concern among anyone that decides to fork out for a fitness tracker. In 2016, a class-action lawsuit claimed that the PurePulse sensor that is built into Fitbit’s trackers failed to correctly gauge the heart rate. Following tests by Consumer Reports, however, said Fitbit’s apparatus “passed our tests handily, accurately recording heart rates at everything from a leisurely walk up to a quick run.”

On its own website, Fitbit notes that precision is “influenced by anatomy, location of apparatus, and unique moves,” and provides tips about the best way best to get accurate readouts.

Modern technology such as wearable devices, fitness programs, and online tutorials may take a lot of the stress away from the fitness journey, leaving you with the only task of making the time to get out there — and get perspiration!

Here are three major reasons why wearable devices such as Fitbit can change you and your family’s health.

  1. You can see the results

If someone asked you how often you exercise, what would you say? What about if they asked you if your exercise levels are increasing or decreasing? These are tough questions to answer without the support of a gym trainer. Fitbit acts as your virtual mentor instead, monitoring in easy-to-read charts how much exercise you are doing, and what results you are achieving.

  1. You can keep track of your family’s fitness

Fitbit utilizes Bluetooth technology to collate different Fitbits data, so you and your loved ones can compare fitness targets, milestones, and daily achievements. It takes the mystery out of the question, ‘Is my loved ones exercising enough?’ , and shows you in easy data the results.

  1. You can take control of your health

Since there is more to good health than simply exercise, there’s more to a Fitbit than simply an exercise tracker. You can log your sleep patterns, calorie intake, portion sizes, and intensity of workouts to get a well rounded picture on your health. Good habits for kids begin with good habits for parents: so care for yourself, and your kids will.