Wine Has Health Benefits?

The Health Benefits of Wine


The Health Benefits of WineSo you love savouring a glass of wine on a Saturday night, or visiting your local yarra valley wineries for a weekend out. Do not worry, no one’s stopping you. You might be doing your body a favour.

Fine wines from established Yarra Valley wineries, have been good for your health and well-being. It’s not just about the stress relief; lots of studies show wine includes health benefits which run the gamut from improved immunity to cancer prevention. That being said, anything absorbed in excess can be harmful, so keep your urge to a glass per day. Doing so will help you gain the following benefits:

Reduce heart disease risks.

The French have one of the lowest heart attack rates in the world, and what do French people love to drink? Why, wine, obviously. Red wine tannins contain procyanidins, a type of compound that protects against heart disease.

Ward off disease.

A research study conducted by British scientists discovered that those who consumed about a glass of wine a day reduced their risk of getting infected with Helicobacter pylori bacteria by 11 per cent. These germs are known to cause several digestive diseases including ulcers, gastritis, and stomach cancers. A U.S. study indicates that wine can possibly decrease insulin resistance in diabetic patients.

Delay brain decline.

According to a study, women in their 70s who drank a glass of wine every day scored much better in memory quizzes than those who drank less wine or none whatsoever. A parallel study conducted at Columbia University reported that brain functions decline considerably faster in non-wine drinkers than in moderate drinkers.

Keep your weight down.

A Harvard University study found that wine-drinking females decreased their risk of obesity by 70 percent compared to non-drinkers. For one, red wine varieties contain resveratrol, a chemical that helps break down fat stored in the body. A study published in Cell Metabolism back in November 2011 discussing resveratrol’s effects on obesity came to the conclusion that drinking 150 mg of the compound daily led to metabolic changes that mirror the effects of calorie restriction.

The numerous health benefits found in each glass of vino surely give more significance to every toast you make to someone’s health. A detailed Yarra Valley map can act as your guide to the best wine producers in the region -make certain to visit a yarra valley restaurant and winery close to you today, you’ll be doing yourself a favour!