Best Ways to Help a Buddy Lose Weight

healthy eating

Dieting and working out is tough, it’s definitely not a walk in the park (well it could be). Often, we need a shove, a trace of added inspiration to run that extra mile (quite literally). So pals of those who have actually been having a hard time to fitting into the weight standards formed by society, this is for you.

healthy eatingFirst and foremost, let your friend come to you, sighting that your friend could lose a few kilos may come with the best intentions, but it’s often not received that way. Weight, although noticed by everybody, is a very private matter for those that struggle with it, and although you might be trying to help, you might push them further away from their weight loss journey by hurting their feelings. A far less intrusive way of going about this would be by bringing in some healthy prepared meals from home to share at uni or work.

Every now and then, situations may require you to be the traitorous, food-stealing buddy. Do it in the name of health. A sceptical tactic, but nonetheless, it’s a tactic. If you need to eat that last piece of chocolate then so be it, though a more healthy and helpful method would be to just take the problem away. Don’t let them buy that chicken burger they have been talking about all day, take them to a healthy restaurant with only good, fresh food options available. Make sure you eat there too, don’t be a bad friend by eating that chicken burger while they eat a quinoa salad.  Be a good support system by and enjoy that quinoa with them. Don’t forget a detox tea to wash it down and if your a lady who enjoys the outdoors, then grab your flashy womens boots and go for a hike.

That sounds easy enough, but unfortunately, in most cases it is a little more difficult to genuinely motivate someone to lose weight. Carrying around that extra weight is tough, and a healthy diet will definitely help, but in the beginning, exercise is equally as important. This is where you can be the biggest support and motivation for your friend, sign up to a basketball team, swimming group or even a walking club. Being in a team means they are less likely to give up, as they don’t want to let down the team or embarrass themselves, plus they are probably dying to rock that basketball apparel they see all the fit sporty types wearing with the ladies wearing some colorful womens sneakers. The training combined with the actual games is surely going to help shed a few kilos.

Go for walks, do some backyard exercise routines to the beat of your favourite songs and make it a fun thing. The hardest thing about dieting and exercise is the thought of the long road ahead to their goal weight, and then actually getting started. If you introduce it to them as a bit of fun, then before you know it they will start to see results and a routine will develop, and then it won’t be something they dread.

Go out to a club and dance the night away, or even get those awesome basketball shirts back on and dance around at home on a Friday night. It’s a bit of fun, but hey, every little bit helps to that all important weight loss.

For birthday’s presents and treats, buy them that dress they really wanted that was a bit too tight. A couple more weeks of dancing around, eating quinoa salads and attempting to be a basketball player and they will shed enough to be able to wear it! Plus if that isn’t inspiration then I don’t know what is.

It’s not going to be easy, but it’s definitely a start in the right direction.