Basketball health perks

Playing basketball

Slamming a dunk, Converse, three-points shot, Dennis Rodman, Scottie Pippen, and Michael Jordan. All ring a bell to you because of how basketball had been a worldwide popular sport played in various locations from local playgrounds to famous stadiums. The kind that engages both the mind and the body in applying strategies to win. Two teams, commonly made up of 5 players each, compete over the objective of shooting a basketball to the defender’s hoop while protecting their own from the other team. Spectators, who are strangers to each other, come together instantly in the court if they root for the same team.

This is how basketball had greatly influenced the world. But it’s not just because it’s entertaining, inspiring or full of action. While you think it’s exciting enough to just watch it, knowing the health benefits you get from playing basketball may encourage you to engage in the sport yourself. Let me convince you. Playing basketball…

Men playing

… makes you burn calories effectively.

Dribbling, passing, and shooting the basketball while running, defending, and rebounding are some of the actions that not only require your physical skills but also your mind. By now, you may have tried some workout routines to stay in shape. It’s either you follow an aerobics video or you do repetitive exercises. It may give you the same benefit of burning the calories but your brain remains stale. As your brain anticipates how the routine would go, it somehow knows when to lay low or to speed up, making the workout ineffective and the calories not getting burned right. With basketball, there’s no boring moment since besides the 5 opponents you’re trying to get away from to shoot the ball to the ring, you make an effort to stay in a mindful control of your body getting tired and challenged through a hustle. Over and above this, the game can also be coupled with an intake of magnesium supplements which can ensure a stable body and mind. Additionally, it helps relieve the sore muscles formed due to long hours of playing ball.

… keeps your body lean and fit.

While keeping an ideal weight may be a challenge to some, basketball players tend

to have a lean and ripped physique. This is due to the stamina they develop from the sport that keeps them going. It’s remarkable to have the skills in dribbling, shooting and rebounding but it’s impressive that even after 40 minutes, you can sustain these skills plus the energy to keep up. So if you find passion in it, it’s a good 500-600 calories shed off each time.

… prevents cardiovascular ailments.

Since a healthy diet and proper exercises are the universal pillars of a healthy heart and good blood flow, it’s just right to keep something that keeps you moving and sweating. Weight gain results from laziness and overeating. While there are a lot of things that could be done to stay in shape, it is important to know if it works. Because of repetitive exercises, leaving you least stimulated mentally, this could lead to giving up the usual daily workout. Then eventually, not doing it instead. This is how a sedentary lifestyle happens. Then it becomes one of the culprits of developing fatty deposits into the blood vessel wall. With the coronary arteries and blood vessels of the brain getting affected, susceptibility to heart attack and stroke may be expected.

With basketball, you are compelled to strategize to earn 2 points while thinking about numerous techniques to apply. As you get to do coordination of your body with what your mind wants you to do, you also exercise your brain. All in all, this keeps your blood flowing and keeps you active.

Basket ball court

… distracts you from being idle.

When we remain sedentary, our minds tend to become idle which becomes the most conducive nest for negative thoughts. Playing basketball helps your mindset to be a gateway for something productive and self-achieving. This cures just about every stressful thinking. Therefore, whatever is the somatic effect of negativity, stress, depression, and anxiety, goes away when you engage in basketball. Perhaps it’s because of the release of happy hormones, serotonin, or the satisfaction that comes after a good performance in a game. Not to mention, the social engagement it comes with. You get yourself involved in a lot more stadium events and activities and make sure that your social contacts with regards to the sporting industry widen.

… helps you have a goodnight’s sleep.

As your body senses the need for rest after a good game, it drives you to eat accordingly and rest effectively leaving no room for insomnia, sleep deprivation and restlessness. What can make this routine better would be the use of appropriate sleep spray prescribed by a doctor to have a peaceful and consistent sleeping pattern.